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Natural Dye Starter Kit

Natural Dye Starter Kit

SKU: natural

Start your Natural Dye journey with the new Natural Dye Kit! She's got everything you need to explore a rainbow of natural colors made from tree barks, plant extracts, and more. Pre-measured ingredients make it easy to make a small dye vat in four different base colors, with modifiers including alum, tartar, and iron to manipulate colors into a wide range of hues. The technique guide walks you through pre-treating your material with a mordant to ensure a bright and long lasting color, and a basic recipe for creating each dye. All you need is a natural fiber material and a pot for dyeing. Check back for video resources on working with these natural dyes, folding pattern techniques, and inspiration. 


Kit Includes:

- 8g osage orange bark chips

- 6g sandalwood bark extract

- 5g cholorphyllin dye extract

- 5g logwood bark extract

- mordants: alum, tartar, iron

- rubberbands

- gloves

- technique guide

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